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VBA-Excel: Application.Wait OR Wait Method


The Application.Wait () function pauses the running code or macro for the time specified and once that time is passed, it returns True value.


Expression.Wait (Time)

  • Expression : A variable that represents an Application Object.
  • The Wait method stops all the Microsoft Excel activities and prevent all the major operations.
  • Time
    • Manda­tory
    • Type:Variant
    • The time at which macro to be resumed and returns True

Example1: Wait Till Specified Time.

Application.Wait “15:30:30”

The above code pauses the macro till 15:30:30 today.

Example2: Wait For The Particular Time Interval

Function FnWait(intTime)

    newHour = Hour(Now())

    newMinute = Minute(Now())

    newSecond = Second(Now()) + intTime

     waitTime = TimeSerial(newHour, newMinute, newSecond)

 Application.Wait waitTime

End Function
Call FnWait(10)

This function pauses the macro for 10 seconds.

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