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VBA-Excel: String Functions – Mid()


The Mid() function returns substring from a string and size of the substring is decided based on the parameters provided.


Mid (strMainString,start[,length])

  • strMainString
    • Mandatory
    • Type: String
    • Substring will be returned from this main string.

  • Start
    • Mandatory
    • Type: Numeric
    • Starting position of a substring, if start > No Of characters in main string then Mid() will return zero-length string(“”).
  • Length
    • Optional
    • Type: Numeric
    • No of characters to be taken from the starting position. If not provided, all the characters after starting position are taken.
Function FnMid()

    Dim strMainString

    strMainString = "This is just an example"

    MsgBox "SubString is '" & Mid(strMainString, 2, 15) & "'"

End Function

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