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VBA Excel – Refer to Multiple Ranges : Union Method

You can combine more than one Ranges into one Range using Union Method and later on instead of writing all the ranges repeatedly, just use the combined one.


Sub CombileMultipleRange()

   Dim objCombinedR as Range

   Set R1 = Sheet1.Range("H1")   

   Set R2 = Sheet1.Range("M2")

   Set objCombinedR = Union(R1, R2)

 objCombinedR.Interior.ColorIndex = 44

End Sub

Similarly you can combine multiple rows or columns into one Range

Sub CombileMultipleRows()

Dim objCombinedR as Range

Set R1 = Sheet1.Range(Rows(1))   

Set R2 = Sheet1.Range(Rows(5))

Set objCombinedR = Union(R1, R2)

objCombinedR.Interior.Font.Bold = True

End Sub

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