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VBA-Excel : Strings Functions – Instr


Instr: This function returns the position of first occurrence of a string into another string, as a variant, based upon the arguments are provided.


InStr([start, ]mainString, searchedString[, compare])


  • start
    • Optional
    • Type:     Numeric
    • Starting position from where search has to be started.
    • Required if compare argument is specified.

  • mainString
    • Mandatory
    • Type: String
    • String being searched.
  • searchedString
    • Mandatory
    • Type: String
    • String to be searched.
  • Compare
    • Optional
    • Specify type of string comparison.
    • Settings
vbBinaryCompare0Performs a binary comparison.
vbTextCompare1Performs a textual comparison.
vbDatabaseCompare2Microsoft Access only. Performs a comparison based on information in your database.


mainString is zero-length0
mainString is NULLNULL
searchedString is zero-lengthStart
searchedString is NULLNULL
searchedString is not found0
searchedString found in mainStringPosition at which match is found
Start> searchedString0
Function FnInstrOperations()

   Dim mainString

   Dim searchString

   mainString = "SumitJain"

   searchString = "i"

   MsgBox "Position of 'i' is " & InStr(1, mainString, searchString, vbTextCompare)

   ' Output : Position is 'i' is 4

   searchString = "i"

   MsgBox "Position of 'i' is " & InStr(1, mainString, searchString, vbBinaryCompare)

   ' Output : Position is 'i' is 4

   searchString = "i"

   MsgBox "Position of 'i' is " & InStr(mainString, searchString)

   ' Output : Position is 'i' is 4

End Function 

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Happy Macro­ing :)

Sumit Jain

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