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Check if given an edge is a bridge in the graph

Objective - Given a graph and an edge, write a program to check if the edge is a bridge.

Bridge in Graph: An edge is called a bridge if connects two subgraphs and removing the edge will disconnect the graph. 

In this article, we will take the Graph represented by Adjacency List.


Approach: Depth-First Search(DFS)

  • Do the DFS to count the number of connected components (If the graph is fully connected then count would be 1).
  • Remove the given edge.
  • Do the DFS again and count the number of connected components, if the count is the same then given edge is not a bridge. If count is increased by 1 then given edge is a bridge.

Complete Code:


Given Edge (0-1) is not a BRIDGE
Given Edge (3-4) is not a BRIDGE
Given Edge (2-3) is a BRIDGE

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