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VBA Excel - Cells, Ranges and Offset: Refer to Cells by Using Shortcut Notation

You don’t have to type Range every time, you have shortcut for that, ‘Brackets’.

Shortcut for referring one cell.

Worksheets("Sheet1").[G5].Interior.ColorIndex = 45

Instead of using Range(“G5”), you can use [G5].

Shortcut for referring range of cells.

Worksheets("Sheet1").[E3:F5].Value = 4

Instead of using Range(“E3:F5”), you can use [E3:F5].

Shortcut for referring more than one cell.

Worksheets("Sheet1").[G5,F9,H6].Interior.ColorIndex = 45

Instead of using Range(“G5”,”F9”,”H6”), you can use [G5,F9,H6].

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