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Merge or Combine Two Sorted Linked Lists

Objective: Given two sorted linked lists, objective is to merge both the lists in sorted order.

Input: Two sorted linked list List a, List b.


List a :




Merged List: ->1->2->3->6->17->18->19



Without Recursion:

  • Create a new node say result
  • Navigate through both the linked lists at the same time, starting from head
  • Compare the first node values of both the linked lists
  • Whichever is smaller, add it to the result node
  • Move the head pointer of the linked list whose value was smaller
  • Again compare the node values
  • Keep doing until one list gets over
  • Copy the rest of the nodes of unfinished list to the result

With Recursion:

  • Base Case :

If List A gets finished , return List B.

If List B gets finished, return List A.

  • Create a result node and initialize it as NULL
  • Check which node (List A or List B) has a smaller value.
  • Whichever is smaller, add it to the result node.
  • Make recursive call and add the return node as = recurrsionMerge(, nB)


Method : with Recursion
Method : without Recursion

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