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Excel-VBA : Prevent Adding New Worksheet

Many a times you need a scenario where you dont want user to add new worksheets in you Excel work book.

Its quite easy to do.


  • Go to VBA Editor
  • Expand your VBA Project
  • Double Click ThisWorkBook
Select ThisWorkBook
Select ThisWorkBook
  • Now select the "Workbook" from the first drop down on the right
select workbook
select workbook
  • Select the NewSheet from the second drop down on the right
Select NewSheet
Select NewSheet
  • Now you will see the function Private Sub Workbook_NewSheet(ByVal Sh As Object).
WorkBook_NewSheet function
WorkBook_NewSheet function
  • Add the following code in the function.

Application.DisplayAlerts = False


MsgBox "Sorry, Adding new Sheet is not allowed"


And thats it you are done. Lets test our program.

Go to excel and try adding a new worksheet.

No New WorkSheet
No New WorkSheet

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