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63. Print Right View of a given binary tree

Objective: In a Binary Tree, print right view of it

Input: A binary tree.

What is Right View of a binary Tree?

When just look at the tree from the right side , all the nodes you can see will be the right view of the tree.


Right View of a binary tree
Right View of a binary tree

Approach :

Method 1 :

  • Traverse the tree from right to left
  • Print the first node you encounter
  • Take two variables , currentLevel=0 and nextLevel=1
  • As soon as you change level, change the currentLevel = nextLevel
  • Print only when current level<nextLevel so this way you will print only the first element
  • For rest of the nodes on the the level currentLevel and nextLevel are equal so it wont print

Method 2:

Do the Level order traversal and print the last node value


5 15 35 45