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193. Implement Stack Using Linked List

Objective: Write an algorithm to implement Stack using Linked List.

If you do not know about then for starters it's an abstract data type that follows the principle of LIFO (Last-In-First-Out) which means the data goes in last and comes out first read about it in detail please read this link Stack


The solution is quite simple, Earlier we saw the article  "Linked List Implementation", we need to make some changes to make it work as Stack.

Stack Operations:

Push(): Insert the element into the linked list at the beginning and increase the size of the list. O(1) operation.

Pop(): Return the element's first node from the linked list and move the head pointer to the second node. Decrease the size of the list. O(1) operation.

getSize(): Return the size of the linked list.

displayStack(): Print the linked list.



Element 1 is pushed into Stack
Element 2 is pushed into Stack
Element 4 is pushed into Stack
4 2 1
Pop out element 4
2 1

Note: Also read, Track the Maximum Element in a Stack. This problem was asked in Yahoo in Software Engineer position.