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19. Exploring All Paths, Including Diagonal, from Top Left to Bottom Right in 2D Array

Objective: Count all the paths from left top corner to the right bottom corner in two-dimensional array.

Input: Two Dimensional array
Output: No of paths.

Approach :

1. Recursive

The recursive solution to this problem is similar to Print All Paths from Top left to bottom right in Two Dimensional Array

But the Time complexity will be exponential because there will be many sub-problems that will be solved again and again to get the final solution. read this: Dynamic programming vs Recursion

2. Dynamic Programming (Better Solution)

Create two-dimensional resultCount array to store the number of paths from top left corner.

Base Case: To reach any cell in either the first row or column from the first cell(top left at 0,0) will be 1.

You can reach any cell in 3 different ways, from the left, from the top, and from the diagonal. So the total no of paths to reach that cell will be the sum of all the paths to reach to left, top, and diagonal cells. see picture

Count Paths


Count All Paths Example


No of Paths By Recursion: 13
No of paths By Dynamic Programming: 13