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Delete unused docker images

You usually have to clear unused docker images otherwise it will eat up all your disk space. I realized this when i got an error ERROR: Failed to create usr/lib/node_modules/npm/node_modules/node-gyp/node_modules/glob/node_modules/minimatch/node_modules/brace-expansion/.npmignore: No space left on device So, basically, if you are getting any No space left on device error and you wonder what in the name of god happened to all your storage, you gotta delete some docker images. Here's how you go about it. To see a list of all images

docker images
If you only want to remove one image
docker rmi image_id
To remove all unused docker images
docker images -q |xargs docker rmi
To remove all the stopped docker containers
docker ps -q |xargs docker rm
Another handy command - docker system prune will delete ALL unused data (i.e. In order: containers stopped, volumes without containers and images with no containers). You can find the full list of docker commands here


http://stackoverflow.com/a/32723127 https://forums.docker.com/t/command-to-remove-all-unused-images/20/2