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Determine if a binary tree is balanced

A balanced tree is defined to be a tree such that the heights of the two subtrees of any node never differ more than one.

Input : The root of a binary tree
Output : Boolean

Approach 1 :

Logic :

  • For a given node we will get the height of its left and right sub tree
    • If the height difference is greater than one then we will return false
  • We will repeat this process for each of the node in the tree using recursion

This post is a follow-up of Create a binary search tree in javascript. I recommend reading that first, as the following code uses the method from it.

Time complexity : O (N logN)

Solution :

Approach 2 :

Logic :

  • Minimize the number of calls to the getHeight function in the previous approach
  • We can modify the getHeight function to check the current node is balanced or not

Time complexity : O (N)

Solution :

To learn more about recursion refer this article.

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