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window vs document

Web browser is made up of hierarchy of objects. At the root level we have a window object.


  • It is the root level element in any web page.
  • All the global variables are defined on the window object.
    • For example, alert(), confirm() are methods defined on the window object.
    • Writing alert() is similar to window.alert()
    • Also, properties like document, location are properties of the window object.
    • window API
Watch the following video to know more about the window object.


  • It is the direct child of the window object. It is aka Document Object Model (DOM).
  • You can access it via window.document or document.
  • document object has many useful methods defined on it.
    • For example, document.getElementById(), document.getElementByTagName(), document.createElement(), document.querySelector() and many more
    • document API
Watch the following video to know more about the document object.

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